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Satellite on the Move (SOTM)

When the mission takes you off the beaten path where data coverage by conventional means is limited or nonexistent, Summit Worx offers the most comprehensive and technically advanced Satellite on the Move (SOTM) solution on today’s market. Our SOTM solution provides the customer with a compact and rugged full duplex data capability, essential for mission success that is easily installed and operated.

A true on the move solution capable of operating at speeds up to 300MPH, our products are installed on military vehicle platforms, commercial vehicles, and passenger trains worldwide. The low profile single operating band antenna is available for commercial or tactical access in X band, or commercial Ku and Ka band.

The antenna’s low profile and small footprint is easily mounted on virtually any wheeled vehicle platform, and is ideal for customers requiring discretion or anonymity. Installation of the SOTM components in most cases can be done in less than 2 hours, and can be transferred between vehicles in the same amount of time. The complete antenna and baseband system utilizes the vehicle platforms power source without compromising existing electrical functionality.

Our SOTM baseband network solution consists of network essential modular components that are the smallest in their class and provide a unique and powerful capability, allowing the user to easily scale an existing voice, video, and data network up or down, according to their mission. Our solution is constantly expanding to stay at the forefront of technology by integrating emerging Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) into the existing baseband platform.

The network appliances are flexible in their application, and can be used independently or in a multi-module enclave environment. Single or multiple enclave operations, such as Secure (SIPR), Non Secure (NIPR), or Colorless Core networks, can be achieved by adding an additional module(s).  Modules are available to support Radio Range extension, Voice over IP (VOIP) and Power over Ethernet (POE), Cisco routing and switching, SSD Server, and analog voice circuits to IP.

Modem technology is based on the customer’s requirement; supported modems include iDirect, Gilat, Viasat, Comtech, Romantis, and others.

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