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Integrated Container Solutions

Summit Worx can design and integrate custom CSC Approved ISO refrigerated, insulated, or non-insulated containers for one-off to large scale production projects.

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Integrated Shelter Systems

Our solutions include C5ISR component selection and integration, cable manufacturing and installation, equipment rack design, power distribution and surge protection, work stations, and custom equipment layout to efficiently utilize space and increase workflow.

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Vehicle Integration Solutions

Summit Worx can install tactical communications on nearly every tactical wheeled platform in our military’s arsenal, as well as most commercial vehicles. Our team develops and fabricates custom mounting solutions for a broad range of mission essential communications devices, large or small. 

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Mobile Command & Communications Center

A Mobile Command & Communication Center (MCCC) was completely outfitted for the Mount Pleasant Police Department, with communications systems and integration by the Summit Worx team.

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Satellite on the Move (SOTM)

Provides broadband, on-the-move, satellite connectivity through the integration of commercial-off-the-shelf products. It delivers a proven, modular, reliable communications system to the end user, and extends critical network access anywhere in the world.

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Portable Communications

Summit Worx delivers customizable networking solutions that are both modular and scalable; providing the customer with a system that adapts easily to mission changes, or in the operating environment.

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Remote Communications Suite

Provides essential “First In” or “Remote” location communications infrastructure in an easily managed, rapidly deployed, man portable solution. Built exclusively for users travelling to locations with limited or non-existent network infrastructure, the Summit Worx RCS provides instant voice, video, and data capabilities.

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