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Summit Worx offers development of plastic coversets, electronics enclosures and cases, and repackaging. Our work also includes testing and validation.

Our engineering team can provide all levels of design and integration including proof of concept, development, simulation modeling, prototyping, and testing.

Through systems thinking, Summit Worx can create successful complex systems involving workflow processes, large-scale programs, and industrial operations.

Conduct technological research in the development of new systems and subsystems, operational concepts, and application assessments.

Provide technical support in the development of new and existing platforms; Develop modifications to existing systems; Support integration of new and existing equipment and software.

Fabrication and machining of parts or equipment for fielded systems or platforms; Build, fabricate, test, and evaluate developmental models, mock-ups, prototypes, and pre-production units and conduct research and development (R&D) for systems and system elements.

Develop detailed technical data documentation that is necessary to support system development and reflects the latest design, configuration, integration, and installation concepts. Technical documentation may be in the form of paper, electronic (digital), or interactive computer systems.

Perform component selection, technical analysis, and support measures for hardware and software solutions; Modify existing hardware and software for systems, test facilities, or training facilities. Provide implementation support for systems, sub-systems software components. Integrate Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions and perform product modifications.

Track configurations of systems and platforms in order to control changes and identify non-conformance; Verify and document functional performance and physical characteristics.

Provide information system analysis and deliver recommended improvements to interfaces and management tools that improve network effectiveness and efficiency. Establish hardware and software requirements; Perform new installations or modifications to existing networks, and provide continuous maintenance and technical support for user Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Develop Interoperability, Test, and Evaluation (IT&E) processes to ensure platforms and systems have been properly tested, and interoperability requirements have been fully met at all levels of their life cycle.

Provide operational and maintenance technical instruction including applied exercises resulting in the attainment and retention of knowledge, and skills regarding the platforms or systems.

Achieve necessary program goals throughout the developmental, production, fielding, and support process through the application of business, financial, and technical management. Provide planning, organizing, and staffing support throughout the program acquisition and fielded process.

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